What Makes Us Different?


We’re a lead GENERATOR. Not a lead BUYER.

A Lead buyer buys traffic from third-party websites and then marks it up and resells it. Their conversion rates are abysmal and they have no control over the system. A lead generator is DealerLeads, we grow our own crops, cultivate our own crops, and own all the real estate that the crops grow on. We are ultimately the supplier that sells the clicks to lead buyers. You and I both know that cutting out the middleman saves money so why not come directly to the source?


We Guarantee What No Other Vendor Can!

We are the only vendor in the industry with a bounce rate guarantee. We promise to meet your current site average bounce rate or better. Our overall bounce rate is generally much lower than our client’s overall site average. You will not be charged for any traffic that exceeds that bounce rate average. As you know this is a very unique feature in the industry, but we are extremely confident in our system and its proven ability to send high converting traffic.


No Ads or Distractions Equals Higher Conversions.

90% of the time we are our client’s top converting vendor and often times outperform organic and direct traffic. This is because we own all of our real estate. We do not rely on advertising from Google, Bing, or Yahoo Adsense on our sites. We’re funded 100% by dealer client budgets. Therefore, when an in-market car buyer lands on a dealer VDP in our classified environment, we don’t distract the user with advertisements sending them somewhere else. Our domains were purchased years ago, meaning we do not need to rely on advertising revenue to stay afloat. Not having that advertising on our website allows us to stay pinpoint focused on the needs of our only source of revenue, our clients! Removing ad distractions from the consumer when he’s in the final stage of the buying funnel allows us to have much higher conversions from our sites. A lot of these sites are displaying advertising not even relevant to the automotive industry, completely distracting the user and taking them off of the site. We see that the conversion rates are crystal clear when the website is simpler, cleaner and easier to use.


Selling Links is Not Allowed!

Link buying is a direct violation of Google’s standards of service. We sell inventory inclusion and placement in our classified sites that include links to a dealer’s main site. Backlinks are simply an ancillary benefit of joining the DealerLeads program. Clients pay for the exposure they receive from these sites, as well as the car buyer traffic sent directly to their website through VDP buttons. These buttons linking to our client’s main website pages let search engines know the power and relevance of these pages when they’re submitted to the index. Inadvertently these pages tend to rank higher because the buttons linking to them provide a positive user experience, taking the buyer to exactly what they’re looking for on that page. Google and other search engines alike care most about one thing, positive user experience! We do not sell links, they are a part of our system. And yes, this is a major added bonus to the dealers on our platform.


Our Entire System is Privately Owned!

We own all of our real estate — we don’t lease or rent any of it. We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars acquiring domain names because we view it as purchasing beachfront property in Malibu in the 1950s. Not to mention, all of our domains such as UsedCarsNearMe.com, are exact matches to highly relevant search terms that active car buyers are currently typing when searching for their next new or used vehicle. Now that we own all of the beachfront property in the automotive industry, we are essentially leasing space for car dealers to display their inventory. Acquiring this real estate at the birth of the internet has put us in a position as a lead generator to give you a place to display your inventory. The most beautiful part about being performance-based is you don’t pay anything unless you get a click. You can display your cars there for FREE until someone clicks through to your website.

Our Presentations Are Short and to The Point,

So You Can Get Back to Selling Cars!