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Active Car Buyers

The highest converting vendor in the industry just became even more effective! This year we launched our new platform, Ares, which has been outperforming and over-delivering beyond our wildest expectations. Now we want you to take it for a test drive!

We are offering our services to the dealer community free for 30 days. Give us the opportunity to prove ourselves before asking you to commit. Any dealer who joins our platform in the month of September will receive $1,500 worth of active in-market car buyers sent directly to the dealer’s own website.

No cost, no contract — just 30 days of real results! That’s how confident we are in our program!

Fill SEO Gaps

DealerLeads not only fills in the gaps of your SEO, to send you high-converting traffic that you’re not able to capture on your own, but also increases the size of your digital net so you can capture more local customers that are actively searching online for vehicles in your area.

1st Generation Leads

DealerLeads has generated the highest converting traffic in the industry for the last 5 years according to Google Analytics. This is attributed to our optimized websites that are SEO'd to exactly match what active car buyers are searching on the internet when looking for a new car. We capture these local auto shoppers and deliver them directly to their local dealer's main websites. No middleman or lead sharing means dealers not only benefit from cost savings but also receive exclusive, privately-owned, first-generation leads.


DealerLeads owns and continues to acquire 1000s of automotive classified sites, research sites, and service sites that are geographically and behaviorally targeted. Your vehicle inventory can be syndicated across all these sites to drive active in-market car shoppers directly to your dealership website.


We own more traffic generating automotive websites than anyone in the industry!


We’ve developed and maintained quality sites for over 15 years that organically rank at the top of SERPs!


We generate our own traffic, cut out the middle-man, and offer the lowest Cost Per Click!


Our A.I. technology learns and adapts to your market in real-time to continually deliver the highest converting traffic to your site.


Our system is tailored to account for your organic and paid SEO delivering active car shoppers that would not normally find your dealer website.


Every dealer has a dedicated Google Analytics certified agent working on their behalf, ensuring the success of their campaign.


Now we want you to see the difference and the results for yourself. DealerLeads is offering 30 DAYS FREE of our tier 1 advertising program with vehicle inventory syndication across some of our highest organically ranking classified sites ($1500/month value).

At the end of the 30 days, we would like to discuss results and go from there. We encourage you to take advantage of this gift, for now, it’s only available if you join our platform in September. Our job is to get you acquainted with how our program works and create legitimate results for your dealership over 30 days. That’s it.

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