DealerLeads Return on Investment

The majority of our clients see a 6x – 12x ROI*

*ROI is calculated based on the number of leads submitted based on Google Analytics reporting multipled by the closing ratio the dealership has on 1st generation website leads.

Conversion Success & Comparison

Google Analytics provides the ability to track real conversions of forms, calls and chats, as seen in these real-life reports. The success of the DealerLeads program becomes particularly clear when comparing them to other vendors’ conversion rates.

Arizona Small Metro Dealership

At this Arizona dealership, DealerLeads provides 7% of all new traffic that comes onto the dealer’s website. That 7% of traffic accounts for over 20% of total goal completions, resulting in the highest conversion rate (almost 10%) when compared to any of their other web sources. That’s 3x more than the average conversion rate (3.3%) because the traffic DealerLeads provides is catered specifically to their inventory and demographics.

Metro Texas Kia Dealership

With a total 3.7% average conversion rate, DealerLeads provides the highest converting traffic (5.13%, or 1.4X the average) outside of Google Organic (5.8%). Though only 5% of the total traffic comes from the program, the quality is so high that it results in actual conversions, rather than high traffic numbers with very low conversion rates.

Colorado Honda Dealership

At this smaller market Honda dealership, the 3.8% conversion rate is double the average and higher than any other vendor’s. Promoting the dealership to users who are interested in the dealer’s inventory, rather than any user interested in buying any car, is what results in quality conversions.

California CDJR Dealership

This major metro dealership in CA is competing with multiple sister dealerships. Even with all the competition, the DealerLeads program is bringing local buyers to the dealership at an unprecedented rate.