We Generate Higher Quality Leads For Car Dealers

  • Domains Matching Search Terms

    We solely own all of our thousands of automotive sites. Each site is specifically aimed at a precise buyer demographic or behavioral characteristic. This allows for an unprecedented level of control over who we target.

  • 100% Google Compliant

    Everything that we deploy has been vetted through our Google concierge to ensure that we are completely white hat in our digital marketing efforts. We push the envelope as aggressively as possible while being 100% compliant.

  • No Ads or Forms

    Classified publishers traditionally use your inventory as bait for local customers and other stores. They have lead forms and tons of advertisements: you’re essentially paying for your inventory to be used against you. We don’t think that’s right, so our sites have no ads and no forms, just links back to your website.

  • Transparent Reporting

    You need another dashboard like you need a hole in your head. That’s why we only report using Google Analytics, an impartial 3rd party solution, to determine if our program is a success. Our free training and support allows you to take control of all your vendors.

Infill Paid Search

We use paid search as the third leg of our program, but it does not compete with your dealership’s existing PPC campaign. Our philosophy is to infill the gaps around your existing keywords. Set up a demo to learn how the program works.

SEO and Backlinks

The program generates a tremendous number of “Do Follow” backlinks from our classified sites and research pages. You control the anchor text on the links and we give you a link building campaign as a free byproduct of our program. This helps increase the effectiveness of your website and SEO vendors without spending a dime.

Market Exclusivity

Our program also provides market exclusivity. We drop the classifieds, research pages and paid search with your inventory in your competitor’s backyard. Talk to our team before you become a target.

Amazing Support

We always receive five out of five stars for our customer service. Your dedicated account manager is incentivized to help you understand your analytics every month. They are paid to answer questions and solve your digital marketing problems whether they relate to our service or not.

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How are we able to send the highest converting traffic in the industry?

There is no other program in the market today even remotely similar to DealerLeads. Our proprietary system uses the synergy of thousands of classified sites, local organic content pages, and paid search to deliver the best traffic that the industry has seen. Using the classified sites, research pages etc. to filter out the tire kickers, we funnel the highest quality local buyers directly to your website. How do we know this? We provide the highest level of transparency in the industry. We don’t have a dashboard. Instead, we only use Google Analytics to provide an unbiased analysis of every traffic source and vendor you have.

Our thousands of classified sites are not only GEO targeted (reaching your local market) but also Behaviorally targeted (direct match to what customers type in Google). We will place your inventory on sites that are most relevant to your dealership. We realized that consumers who found an EXACT match classified site to what they typed in the browser bar, will click through the majority of the time. We gathered the highest count automotive search terms bought those terms in domain names and turned them into automotive relevant sites. What we do works!

Exclusive Leads

1st Generation Leads

No more sharing leads with your neighboring dealerships. All leads are solely owned and pursued by one dealership. We do not capture and resell any customer information. Exclusive 1st Generation leads always have a higher closing ratio. Stop sharing your leads, and start selling more cars!

Pin Point Targeting

Zip Code Targeting

Our system hyper targets the primary marketing areas of our clients. We send real buyers, right from dealers own backyards. We can even conquest surrounding dealers and pull from their customer base. We do not work with competing dealers, so you’ll always have a leg up on the competition!

Top Notch Service

Google Certified Account Managers

Our dedicated account managers have extensive knowledge and background in analytics. The certified agents work directly with dealers altering campaigns as needed. The will even work with the dealer’s webmaster to resolve any errors that may be affecting a customer’s experience and how they are tracked. 

See Real Conversions From Real Clients

Each month dealers receive unbiased google analytics tracking reports showing exactly how their program is performing. The numbers don’t lie!

Do I really NEED Tracking On My Website?

Having a website with proper tracking installed is beneficial for any modern dealership. Specifically Google Analytics tracking as it is one of the most important digital marketing tools. This service allows you to track, monitor, and measure individual campaign results in real time. You may then also make comparisons with this data and previous time periods. The ability to actively track the results of each of your digital marketing vendors allows you to make better decisions regarding which platforms are providing you the greatest return on investment. This process is simplified even further due to the fact that all the information is in one location. Whether your dealership is investing advertising dollars in Social Media, PPC or even SEO you’ll need accurate tracking to determine where your dollars are being best spent. If any of these campaigns aren’t performing as expected, a quick look at the metrics, such as time on site, bounce rate, conversions rate etc. will let you know if you need to make adjustments to landing pages etc.

Why Are Backlinks So Important?

Backlinks, also knowns as Inbound Links (IBL’s) are links coming from another website, directing users to your website. They are one of the most significant factors influencing search engine rankings. As far as rankings are concerned, a site with more domains linking back to it, seems as more of an authority on the topic, and therefore more relevant in a search query. However, these links must be authentic, quality links. If not, the backlinks can do more harm than good. The algorithm will critique the content of the sites linking to yours and make a comparison. The content of the sites linking to yours must be relevant to your site in order to be seen as quality. Therefore the more quality links your site acquires, the better it will rank in various search results. This is why backlinks have been said to be the most influential search ranking factor and are an absolutely imperative inclusion in any good SEO strategy.

See Real Back Links For Real Clients

Backlinks are one of the most influential ranking factors in regard to search algorithms.  More sites linking back to yours, means higher search result rankings.

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