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We’d love to speak with you and show you exactly what we can do for your brand and dealership. Request a case study on your brand today and we will send you as much information as you’d like and we’ll answer all of your questions! 

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With the DealerLeads platform, you will have direct access to shoppers in your area like never before! We hyper target, and fill in the gaps of existing advertising campaigns. We are the super charger to your website and lead generation! 

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Our ability to hyper target specific internet users also allows us to conquest buyers from your competition. We do not work with competing dealerships, nor do we capture and resell information to competitors. You will always have an advantage when your inventory is on our sites! 

Studies show that most research for vehicle purchases is done online and only 1.2 dealerships are visited before the car purchase is made. Our mission is to place your inventory in front of those serious car buying prospects that are online. We are NOT a 3rd Party Lead Provider. We drive real-time, relevant car buyers to your website where all information is captured by you on your website. We do NOT resell customer information to your competing dealership neighbors. All customer activity is tracked on your Google Analytics giving you a transparent and accurate view of our performance and every other vendor you are using.

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