Leads versus Traffic: What Difference Does it Make Anyway?

Leads vs. Traffic

Sitting down with your digital analyst or marketer, you might be wondering why they talk more about generating leads than traffic or vice versa. Is there really such a big difference between the two? The short answer: yes, absolutely. You might be wondering, “Well, why should I care?” Because depending on what your marketing campaigns are generating, you may be loosing out on some serious conversions.

In an ideal world, anyone who wants to buy a car would fill out a lead form online on your dealership website because they would know that your dealership is the best one in a 50-mile radius. In reality, the competition is brutal and everyone is scrambling to bring as much traffic as possible to their website, in the hopes that it is inciting enough for them to come to the lot or fill out a lead form. With a good-sized budget, you've branched out to all kinds of campaigns: PPC/CPC, SEO, third-party lead generators and more. So what's the difference between what these campaigns produce?

Third-party lead generators are selling you information that they are also selling other dealerships. Someone might be interested in a sedan and has a budget of 20K, for example, but has no idea where to go to find a decent car, so she or he fills out a generic form and you've got their information. The big problem is that so do all the other dealerships in your area. Obviously, competition just got even tougher.  

At DealerLeads, we generate organic quality traffic using our unique SEO techniques and original, varied content on more than 3,000 classified websites that we own. What we do is generate local, organic traffic of potential customers that are genuinely interested in the cars, trucks and SUVs you are selling. Because this traffic is so specific, we navigate them directly to your website, and only to your website, thereby generated first-generation leads. Only you have access to this information, a key component to reducing competition.

Instead of firing in every direction like other campaigns do, we aim to bring the kind of traffic that converts into actual conversions. And the best part? You can track the success of our campaign through Google Analytics, an un-biased third party. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't make up those numbers. So go ahead and give us a call or shoot us an email to show you how we can bring more people to your showroom today.