We Increase Your Dealership and Inventory Exposure!

DealerLeads dominates the automotive digital marketing industry with highly used automobile search strings turned into online inventory advertising classified sites, service sites, finance sites etc. Car shoppers have needs, and DealerLeads matches those needs in live searches.

High Traffic Volume Websites

For 20 years we have collected and purchased popular automobile relevant domains based on search terms used by car buyers. Phrases that are searched anywhere from thousands to over a million times in one month across all search engines. We have turned these frequently used search terms into a variety of websites SEO'd to match those search terms. These sites capture users at all stages of the buying funnel.

1st Generation Leads

The DealerLeads system generates the highest converting traffic in the industry according to Google Analytics. 3rd Party Leads generally convert between 5% -7%, where as DealerLeads traffic converts at roughly 18%. Our platform drives traffic directly to the dealer’s main website where the conversion will then take place. We all know that 1st generation leads deliver a much higher closing ratio.

Unbiased Google Analytics Tracking

Our goal at DealerLeads is to be as transparent as possible. This is why our traffic is tracked and reported via Google Analytics. Each month dealers meet with their dedicated Google Certified Account Manager to discuss results and brainstorm possible adjustments or additions to future campaigns. We consistently monitor campaigns to ensure the best results and highest return on investment.

What Are Dealers Saying About Dealerleads?

"In our time with Dealer Leads we have seen increased traffic to our website and showroom. Our customers are more informed and more confident in committing to a specific vehicle because of the research pages they created for us. They have a massive quantity of geographically targeted UR Ls that rank on page one of search engines, capturing prospects and directing traffic to our inventory where the shopper converts to a first-generation lead on my website. There's no question about it. If they perform, Google confirms it. We can't duplicate these results because we are 60 miles out of town, so Google favors local businesses in their search results. Our SEO has improved greatly, and we have moved up in ranking since signing. Their turnkey service has provided excellent results.... We highly recommend Dealerleads!"

- Ray Niesslen, Internet Marketing Manager, Mildenberger Motors -

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More Traffic From Local Buyers

Due to the magnitude of our website collection we are able to produce large volumes of high converting traffic for our clients. Our user friendly, mobile responsive sites entice customers to engage with dealerships. We always direct those customers where they belong, our client’s websites!

Capture Buyers At All Stages

We have created automotive websites to entice customers at all stages of the buying funnel. We capture customers at the research stage, when they’re ready to purchase, and even when they need service later.

Tired of Shared 3rd Party Leads?

Gone are the days of filtering your leads through a third party middle man. With our system, all your leads are generated on your main website. They’re privately owned, never shared with competition!

Success Based and Fully Tracked

Every dealer determines their desired monthly budget for traffic, if we don’t perform, you don’t pay! All DealerLeads traffic is tracked and reported via Google Analytics. Each month dealers meet with their dedicated Google Certified Account Manager to discuss the previous month’s results.