Increase Your Sales Through Smart Inventory Exposure

DealerLeads delivers you educated car shoppers that are ready to purchase! Our hyper-targeted automotive solution seeks out buyers in your own backyard that you're currently missing out on!

High Traffic Volume Websites

Our extensive library of automotive websites generates high volumes of traffic on a daily basis. This traffic converts at a higher rate than any other source in the industry. This means you're missing out on car buyers that are shopping in your area right this second! The sooner your inventory is on our websites, the sooner you'll gain access to this flood of shoppers!

1st Generation Leads

We never share leads! Nor do we collect any customer information! Leads generated by our system are privately owned by the dealer whom the buyer contacted. We never share lead information among competitors. Neither do we cross-sell on dealer VDP's. With Dealerleads, you'll never pay to advertise your competitor's inventory!

Unbiased Google Analytics Tracking

We track and report every bit of traffic our system generates. This allows you to unbiasedly compare the success of our system against your other vendors. We constantly over-deliver for our dealerships and have the data to prove it!

Increased Car Sales, Dealership Growth

Our system partnered with google tracking delivers dealerships laser targeted accuracy and metrics to deliver an endless stream of ready to purchase car shoppers. Don’t take our word for it! Read more from real dealers about how Dealerleads increased their sales, assisted them in growing their dealerships, and delivered excellent, timely customer service!

What Are Dealers Saying About Dealerleads?

"In our time with Dealer Leads we have seen increased traffic to our website and showroom. Our customers are more informed and more confident in committing to a specific vehicle because of the research pages they created for us. They have a massive quantity of geographically targeted URLs that rank on page one of search engines, capturing prospects and directing traffic to our inventory where the shopper converts to a first-generation lead on my website. There's no question about it. If they perform, Google confirms it. We can't duplicate these results because we are 60 miles out of town, so Google favors local businesses in their search results. Our SEO has improved greatly, and we have moved up in ranking since signing. Their turnkey service has provided excellent results.... We highly recommend Dealerleads!"

- Ray Niesslen, Internet Marketing Manager, Mildenberger Motors -

Increased Search Rankings, More Domain Authority

A dealership's position within search rankings can make or break the growth and success of that dealership. The DealerLeads system provides an added boost in search results as well as an increase in the level of authority your dealership's domain name carries. Making it easier for shoppers to find your website will almost certainly increase your dealership's margins.

Our Presentations Are Short and to The Point,

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