Generate high-quality traffic


Because the classified websites we use to generate high-quality traffic are search-phrase specific, we utilize Google AdWords to find pertinent keywords. The DealerLeads platform runs hundreds of automotive keyword classified sites that dominate Google Analytics and goal conversions for every dealership we touch. As you can see from these AdWord Keyword Tool report screen shots, the numbers are impressive.

In the first example, 60 million searches are possible for the phrases "automotive dealers," "local auto," "car dealers," and "auto dealers" every month. In a worst case scenario, if we only manage to capture 1% of all traffic, that results in 600,000 customer opportunities a month.

For the second, 20 million searches will take place for "local auto dealers," "find local cars," "shop local autos," "shop local cars." Having access to 1% of those searches translates into 200,000 potential leads every month. In the third, we only show two keyword phrases: "autos and loans" and "auto loans & used cars." Just 1% will produce thousands of probable buyers.

This tool is what allows us to funnel relevant and local traffic to your dealer's website that then converts into a lead and a sale.