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3 Ways to Ensure Quality Web Traffic

Need to generate high quality, high converting traffic? Here are three tactics to turn you into your dealership’s star player.

We all know that just having a website, no matter how great, is not enough to make sales in the automotive industry. Websites that rank high on search engines with SEO techniques and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can help you generate high quality, high converting traffic. Here are three components to make sure that the folks who get to your website are local, will engage with your inventory, and fill out a lead form.

  1. Create custom content pages with changing and unique content. Arrange to have the information on this site regularly updated with your inventory to ensure that search engine crawlers know to rank these pages high, thereby increasing your visibility in organic searches.

  2. Use an SEO program to specifically target and attract local customers to your website. Geo-targeting cities in your area and particular demographics that you cater to will establish that they are the ones coming to your website. By using Google Analytics to monitor the traffic, you can track who is coming to which pages, how much they engage, and even what pages aren't working so that they can be changed if needed.

  3. Find a vendor partner who shares your goals and vision for your dealership. Do your vendors offer bounce rate guarantees? SEO support? Clear performance reviews through your own Google Analytics? A high ROI? Dedicated Account Managers you can call directly with questions or requests? Finding a vendor partner who specializes in driving web traffic and who shares your passion for selling cars is your secret weapon to dominating your competition and putting more money in your pocket.

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