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New Car Leads

Dealer Leads owns over 300 classified sites; the best part is the names of their sites match what customers type to find cars. Then the customers pass directly to my dealership website through a click, which I can track. I'm not sure how they did this but, the traffic is solid, and it is working for my dealership.

Used Car Leads

Steve calls it Behavioral Targeting, it has to do with what the customer searches. For instance “best price used cars” Dealer Leads owns They gain a psychological advantage due to a 100% match on what was typed, so Dealer Leads ends up getting the click and passes the customer directly to my website.

CPO Leads

Genius, genius, genius, these guys own all of the searches that customers use to find cars! They have a huge bank of relevant classifieds they show based on customer searches at the exact moment of search. Once they get the click, the customer sees cars that are closest to them, now I have eyeballs, and it makes the leads I get local.

Sub-Prime Leads

Steve comes in one day, introduces himself, goes through a five-minute pitch on why I should sign my dealership up for his service. I turned to my computer, I searched “local auto dealers”, and said show me your ad. This SOB had a PPC campaign running showing a website! We laughed, I said, I bet you wish you had that on camera.


A team of digital automotive experts with over two decades of auto dealership marketing experience. With one common goal in mind, three years of software development, and a dying passion to change how leads come in.


Send high-quality customers directly to your website vehicle display pages, whether it be new, used or certified. Our system sends trackable customers directly to your dealership website at a minimal cost per customer.


Sending customers directly to your website is what makes sense, the days of third-party leads is a thing of the past. We have developed a proprietary system that is unmatched, and you only pay for performance. It's just that simple.


We start in your backyard, dominating your PMA as the primary focus, once established we then move onto our conquest platform targeting outlying areas as per your specifications, remaining economically viable at all times.


Spending thousands of dollars on Internet Marketing and still have no idea who your customers are? Dealer Leads offers industry-leading trackability on every single user we send you. Any and all data on our program is backed, vetted, and verified by Google – can’t get more transparent than that! Let us drive your dealership into the 21st century!

How we do it

The Dealer Leads program is truly one of a kind. By combining over 3,000+ (and growing daily!) owned and operated classified sites with our manufacturer quality research pages – we’ve got a recipe for success. Dealer Leads generates 1st generation leads, providing your sales team with highly qualified customers exclusively to you with no distracting banners or competitive advertising. Our philosophy is simple – if it’s your inventory, it’s your lead!